Vehicle Accident

Have you been injured by an unexpected vehicle accident?

Truck and car accidents are the leading cause of personal injury in the United States. Distracted drivers, speeding, alcohol and unsafe road conditions are among the most common causes of reported accidents. At Spohrer Dodd, our accident attorneys have more than 30 years of experience in successfully handling the serious injury and wrongful death claims that arise out of truck and automobile accidents. Our staff and experts, including an in-house doctor, bring a wealth of experience to each automobile and truck accident case we represent.

Frequently, the most challenging aspect of a motor vehicle accident claim is identifying insurance coverage that is sufficient to fully compensate you for damages. Our truck and motor vehicle accident attorneys have the skill and resources to address these challenges.

As experienced trial attorneys, we understand that litigation may go beyond your accident claim and involve liability on the part of vehicle manufacturers, distributors, retailers and other suppliers for vehicular defects. Your personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit may also involve an action against the appropriate government agency if an unsafe roadway design or road maintenance issue was related to the cause of your motor vehicle accident. Whether by trial or settlement, we are committed to maximizing your recovery for damages incurred during a vehicular accident involving trucks, cars or motorcycles.

Semi-truck and commercial vehicle accident cases

There are numerous circumstances and legal issues involved in the representation of semi-truck and commercial vehicle accident cases. The operation of these types of vehicles is governed by state motor vehicle codes and federal standards as established by the Department of Transportation. These regulations cover all areas of operation; loading, lighting, driver licensing and certification, duty time parameters and more. Accidents involving these types of trucks can result in injuries that require a long and painful rehabilitation period.

Recovery after an accident caused by a large truck frequently requires a claim against the truck driver’s auto insurance policy as well as the trucking company’s commercial liability policy. As time passes, critical evidence can disappear. It is important for you to speak with an attorney right away.

Despite the strict regulations and codes that govern the trucking industry, accidents continue to occur with surprising frequency and devastating results. Trucking companies often force drivers to stay behind the wheel longer than allowed by federal regulation, which can contribute to truck driver fatigue and semi-truck crashes. In addition, tractor trailers are sometimes built using defective parts, loaded incorrectly or improperly maintained. Our team of truck accident lawyers is experienced in helping the injured, as well as families of people killed, recover full and fair compensation of damages.

We have the expertise and network of experts needed to investigate and reconstruct your accident to accurately identify all possible defendants, insurance coverage and avenues of recovery. Our lawyers will uncover the base cause of your accident, identify the liable parties, analyze your medical condition and prognosis, and present a compelling analysis of your damages.

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