Insurance Litigations & Claims Disputes Verdicts and Settlements

Many law firms are hesitant to confront large insurance companies over claim disputes. At Spohrer & Dodd, our insurance lawyers are trial attorneys with an outstanding track record of successful litigations. We have handled claim disputes over homeowner policies, motor vehicle insurance as well as life, health, and disability cases. Insurance companies have an implied obligation to act in “good faith and fair dealings” towards its insured. Some of our verdicts & settlements* are listed below:

  • Niehart v. Auto Owners Insurance: Confidential Settlement
    Insurance company failed its contractual obligations related to an automobile accident
  • Holbrook v. Trans General Life Insurance: Confidential Settlement
    Insurance company fails to pay life insurance proceeds
  • Kellogg v. Nationwide Insurance: Confidential Settlement
    Insurance company failed to pay storm damage claim

*The insurance claim dispute cases above are unique to each specific case and are not indicative of the results of any other insurance claim dispute case.

We offer unparalleled commitment and resources to our clients. Our history of multi-million dollar settlements demonstrates our willingness and competence to take any case to trial to obtain a fair resolution. If an insurance company has failed to pay a claim within the terms of your policy, call or use our website’s contact form to find out if you have a case.